The Story of Atticus

Atticus was a two-year-old Boxer/Lab cross found with two other feral dogs in the summer of 2014. He was running with a pregnant Blue Heeler and a German Shepherd pup. Both Atticus and the Shepherd were full of porcupine quills, but Atticus was in far worse condition with quills in his face, inside his throat, in three of his paws and close to his eyes.


Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue was called to help because no one else could or would. The rescue owners drove three hours one way to see if they could catch the dogs and made arrangements with a local shelter to take them if caught. The woman who had found them on her property and another local animal rescue were already on the job.


The dogs were living under cement steps surrounded by woods. Atticus was easy to catch because he was in bad shape and seemed to want to be caught. The other two dogs ran away, and, after two weeks of setting live traps and combing the woods by the local rescue, the dogs were never seen again. Atticus was taken to a vet on an emergency basis the night he was caught and had many quills removed. He was treated for worms and lice and released. Atticus was so thin and unable to eat because of all the quills, which had infected his face and his feet. 


The Triple H owners could not bear to leave Atticus at a shelter so they took him home to live with them. He is a great mascot dog and loves life. Atticus has made more than 10 additional visits to the vet for quill-related problems and has nerve damage in his left eye. He would not have lived many more days in the condition he was in.Through this experience, Atti’s Eats Pet Food and Supplies Pantry was born for the purpose of  helping other animals in need.



Atti’s Eats Pet Food and Supplies Pantry is a division of Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations to Atti’s Eats are tax deductible.