Atti's Eats wants to help furry friends remain at home with their owners, and we are so happy you found us! If the questions and answers below do not provide the information you need, please use the contact form on this website to reach out to us.


How can I get pet food?

You can apply for assistance under the "Need Help?" section of this website.


How often can I get pet food?

Pet food is distributed on a bi-weekly or month-to-month basis. If you believe you need more food than we have provided, please let us know so an assessment can be completed. 


My pet needs more food. Can I get more? 

Atti Eat's serves many deserving clients every day. To ensure fairness and to serve as many pets as possible, we portion out the pet food. 


My pet is picky or has special needs. Can I get a certain kind of pet food? 

Atti's Eats tries to accommodate individual needs when they are made known to us, but we cannot guarantee any brand or type of pet food. All of our food is donated, and it comes from many places and in many brands. 


Can someone bring pet food to me? 

Yes, arrangements can be made on a case-per-case basis. 


Can I pick up pet food for someone else?

Yes, but only if the applicant has made arrangements with the Atti’s Eats supply coordinator and distributer prior to pick up or delivery.


Can I have food for my rescue group? 

Atti’s Eats Pet Food and Supplies Pantry is designed to support pets and their owners. By providing pet food for those in need during challenging financial times, we offer an option to surrendering – or worse, abandoning – a family pet. While we understand the needs of pet rescues, we simply do not have the resources to supply pet food to all the local rescues and shelters. 


Can you help me find a new home for my pet? 

Atti’s Eats Pet Food and Supplies Pantry does not handle pet rescues or adoptions. If you are having financial difficulties that cause you to consider giving up your pet because you can’t feed it, please reach out to us. 


Can you help me adopt a pet? 

We strongly encourage you to adopt or rescue a pet! However, Atti’s Eats Pet Food and Supplies Pantry does not handle pet rescues or adoptions.


Can you help me get my pet vaccinated or spayed/neutered or cover other types of vet care? 

We encourage you to get your pet vaccinated and spayed or neutered and to provide good vet care! Although Atti’s Eats Pet Food and Supplies Pantry does not handle these procedures or currently offer assistance for them, we will try to connect you with a low-cost facility in your area if possible. 



Atti’s Eats Pet Food & Supply Pantry is a division of Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue, a 501(c)(3) non-profit oganization.